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Posts Published in ‘ world cuisines ’

Rice Dolmades Recipe

December 30, 2012 | by Annie | appetizers, vegetables, sides, bread

This traditional Greek dish was easier to make and more delicious than I expected. After much searching I found grape leaves packed in brine in the international food section of the local grocer.

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Cephalonian Meat Pie Recipe

| by Annie | main dishes

A savory Greek dish with a nice and delicious crust. The meat will need to marinate a day before preparation. This meat pie can be prepared with pork or lamb or a combination of both.

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Baklava Recipe

December 18, 2012 | by Annie | sweets

Baklava is exotic Greek dessert filled with layers of paper-thin phyllo sheets, walnuts, almonds, honey, cinnamon and butter.

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Greek Country Salad (Horiatiki Salata) Recipe

| by Annie | salads

Fresh tomato, cucumber, red onion, green and red bell pepper, plus the required feta cheese, olives, and olive oil tossed together for a Greek country salad.

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Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs Recipe

October 12, 2012 | by Lisa | main dishes

This recipe is a healthier version of traditional Italian spaghetti and meatballs. It’s made with ground turkey instead of beef.

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Black Sesame Seed Cake Recipe

June 16, 2012 | by Marilyn | sweets

Enjoy this Black Sesame Seed Cake drizzled with maple syrup and honey for a delectable delight.

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Chinese Cabbage Salad with Sweet and Sour Dressing Recipe

| by Marilyn | salads

This Chinese Cabbage Salad gets its great texture from slivered almonds and ramen noodles

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Creamy Black-Eyed Peas Soup Recipe

| by Marilyn | soups, vegetables, sides, bread

This creamy flavorful Black-Eyed Peas Soup is a perfect way to eat your black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck.

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Red Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

| by Marilyn | appetizers

These hard boiled eggs are dyed red to symbolize the happiness Wang Lung felt after the birth of his first born son. They can be dyed any color for any occasion.

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Spicy Chickpea Soup (Chana Dal) Recipe

May 17, 2012 | by Lisa | soups

Chana dal is a bean used in Pakistan and India that is most similar to the chickpea but smaller in size.    Unable to find chana dal at my local supermarket, I used chickpeas in this recipe.  The combination of the spices and crushed tomatoes makes for a spicy flavorful dish.

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Chapati Recipe

| by Lisa | vegetables, sides, bread

Chapati is an unleavened bread from Northern India and Pakistan. It is similar to a tortilla and a perfect side dish for any soup or stew.

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Fiesta Flan Recipe

May 4, 2012 | by Annie | sweets

Start this wonderful fiesta flan very early in the day, or even the day before serving, so the flan has plenty of time to cool and settle, and the flavors time to meld.

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Thick and Chewy Flour Torillas Recipe

| by Annie | vegetables, sides, bread

These tortillas are thicker and puffier than the store-bought tortillas. If you’ve never tried a thick and chewy flour tortilla, well, you’ve been missing out.

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Mexican Bunuelos Recipe

| by Annie | sweets

Bunuelos are flat fried sugar cinnamon sweets found in most Mexican bakeries. Bunuelos are also very addictive!

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Granny’s Carne Guisada Recipe

| by Annie | main dishes

Mexican food is my family’s favorite and Granny’s Carne Guisada Recipe is at the top of that list! I call this recipe Granny’s Carne Guisada because that’s who sweetly shared her loved-by-many recipe.

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