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Mountain Steak Recipe

June 29, 2016 | by Annie | main dishes

I’ve fried up round steak plenty of times, but have never prepared it quite this way before. This is such an easy recipe and so delicious as well. I can’t wait to make it again!

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Molasses Pecan Stack Cake Recipe

| by Annie | sweets

Social gatherings in Appalachia oftentimes included stack cake. Each family would bring a single layer of cake. The layers would be stacked one atop the others to form a single multi-layered cake of different flavors. If the gathering was a large one, several stack cakes would be assembled. This cake recipe makes a single layer for a stack cake or can be enjoyed as a single-layer cake. It is made with molasses and spices and topped with a brown sugar pecan glaze. Either way it’s a treat!

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Mountain Cider Beans Recipe

| by Annie | vegetables, sides, bread

These baked pinto beans are flavored with molasses and apple cider (or apple juice) and have a rich and hearty flavor. Be sure to start them early in the day. You’ll love the way your kitchen smells while these beans are baking.

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Bacon Buttermilk Muffins Recipe

| by Annie | vegetables, sides, bread

These muffins are so flavorful! Enjoy them with your favorite stew, soup, or bowl of beans.

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Easy Succotash Recipe

| by Lisa | vegetables, sides, bread

In Mayflower, succotash was described as a soupy mishmash of corn, beans and whatever fish and meat were available. It was also said that pork was a delicacy that the Native Americans found almost impossible to resist so I included ham in this succotash recipe.

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Johnnycakes Recipe

| by Lisa | vegetables, sides, bread

Johnnycakes, a staple of the Native American diet, are made from cornmeal that is mixed with salt and hot water or milk. Another name for them is journey cakes because they could be carried in saddlebags on long trips.

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Colonial Cornbread Recipe

June 28, 2016 | by Annie | vegetables, sides, bread

This traditional cornbread recipe produces a delicious, buttery golden cornbread with a bit of sweetness. Corn meal was a staple for Native Americans across the great wilderness. The early colonials were introduced to cornmeal and learned to incorporate it into their European style cooking and baking.

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New England Hasty Pudding Recipe

June 27, 2016 | by Annie | sweets

Have you ever wondered about hasty pudding? Of course, most of us have heard of Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club, but what is hasty pudding and what does is have to do with Harvard? The answer to the first question is that hasty pudding is actually derived from traditional English recipes. Early colonials learned to adapt their food preparation to available ingredients, one of which was the Native American’s cornmeal. Hasty pudding is one of those such early American foods.

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Fried Venison Backstrap Recipe

| by Annie | main dishes

Venison backstrap, or deer loin, runs the length of the deer’s back and is an exceptionally tender cut of meat. I have had backstrap prepared in many different and excellent ways, however, this recipe is my favorite because it reminds me of the way mom used to make it!

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Mrs. LBJ’s Texas Chili Recipe

June 23, 2016 | by Annie | main dishes

“Chili concocted outside of Texas is usually a weak, apologetic imitation of the real thing. One of the first things I do when I get home to Texas is to have a bowl of red. There is simply nothing better.”
– Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States

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Spicy Cilantro Rice Recipe

May 27, 2016 | by Annie | vegetables, sides, bread

I love this versatile cilantro rice recipe. It packs the kick of pepper and the tang of lime. It can be served with many different dishes, but is especially great with Indian and Mexican food.

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Southwestern Cornbread Salad Recipe

| by Marilyn | salads

The combination of leafy greens, black beans, corn and bacon topped with cornbread crumbles turns this salad into a meal – great for an outdoor gathering.

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Kathleen Grissom’s Molasses Cake Recipe

May 25, 2016 | by Lisa | sweets

Kathleen Grissom, author of The Kitchen House, developed this recipe with her daughter. The only change I made was to put in in a mini cake pan. The batter smelled so amazing the kids and I couldn’t resist eating it by the spoonfuls. I hurried and took the pictures as fast as I could because there were salivating mouths hanging over it, but, looking back a dollop of whipped cream on top would have been the topping on the cake.

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Cracklin’ Bread Recipe

| by Lisa | vegetables, sides, bread

Cracklin’ Bread is a southern bread that I have surprisingly never tasted. Cracklins are fried pork skin and fat. I needed some guidance so I used a recipe from Chloe’s Blog. I did not have a pone pan so I tried the recipe in a cast iron skillet, an egg mold and a muffin tin. They all came out great. I was able to buy the pork fat at my grocery store and then fried them in a skillet on the stove. When you hear the sound they make in the frying pan, you will know why they call them cracklins.

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New Orleans Beignet Recipe

May 5, 2016 | by Lisa | sweets

These beignets are a little crunchy on the outside and have a light bready interior. The dough is dropped into the oil by the spoonful.

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