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Posts Published in ‘ russian ’

Gouryevskaya Kasha Recipe

May 23, 2016 | by Lisa | sweets

In Russia, kasha refers to any type of porridge and can be made from buckwheat, oats, wheat, rice, barley or millet. According to, the best known of Russian kasha is Guryevskaya (or gurevskaia) kasha, which is made with nuts and fruit.

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Russian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe (Golubtsy)

| by Lisa | vegetables, sides, bread

This is one delicious stuffed cabbage recipe. The sauce really pulls all the flavors together. The next time I make it, I will use 2 cabbage heads so I could use only the thinner, more pliable outer leaves rather than having to use the stiffer inner leaves. I added an egg to this recipe to help the beef and rice bind together better.

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Gozinakh (Walnut Honey Candy) Recipe

May 2, 2016 | by Marilyn | sweets

I love anything with honey and walnuts. So when I found this recipe on RusCuisine I know it would be a great dessert for a Russian-themed book club party.

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Russian Tea Cakes Recipe

| by Marilyn | sweets

My mom has made these Russian Tea Cakes from Betty Crocker for as long as I can remember. These buttery melt-in-your-mouth cookie balls go by many names in recipe collections, including Mexican Wedding Cakes. They always contain finely chopped nuts and are twice rolled in powdered sugar. Serve these Russian Tea Cakes with a cup of coffee for a perfect ending to your book club party.

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Russian Eggs Recipe

| by Marilyn | appetizers

Russian eggs are served with caviar on top. My mother-in-law always started her Christmas Eve party with everyone having a Russian egg in one hand, a shot of chilled vodka in the other and then a toast would be made. The intense flavor of the horseradish and the salty taste of the caviar deliver a surprising flavor. The shot of vodka is just an added bonus. A great way to get a party started! This recipe was adapted from Allrecipes. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for the hard boiled eggs to cool before making Russian Eggs.

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