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Posts Published in ‘ alcoholic ’

Chocolate Espresso Martini Recipe

February 29, 2016 | by Annie | beverages

This Chocolate Espresso Martini Recipe makes a delicious rich martini with a nice caffeine jolt.

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Mint Julep Recipe

February 23, 2016 | by Lisa | beverages

Nothing is more refreshing than a mint julep on a hot southern day.    Leave the mint on as you sip so you can take in the aroma.

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Cointreau Bengal Tiger Cocktail Recipe

May 30, 2015 | by Annie | beverages

The refreshing and fruity Bengal Tiger Cocktail is made with brandy, a cherry liqueur an orange liqueur (Cointreau) and pineapple juice.

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Hot Wassail Recipe

July 6, 2014 | by Annie | beverages

Wassail originated in Germany and is a hot mulled cider. This recipe is tart, spicy, and not overly sweet. The wonderful aromas wafting from the simmering wassail will have you singing Christmas carols. Add red wine to taste for a spiced wine wassail.

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Chi Chi Drink Recipe

May 27, 2014 | by Lisa | beverages

This drink is similar to a piña colada, but uses vodka instead of rum. I like mine with lots of coconut, so feel free to add more pineapple if you like a fruitier tropical drink.

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Hard Lemonade with Vodka Recipe

October 10, 2012 | by Lisa | beverages

Fresh squeezed lemonade makes this a refreshing summertime drink. The vodka makes it fun!

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Margarita (Therapy) Recipe

May 4, 2012 | by Annie | beverages

If you’re in the mood for a very special, not too sweet Margarita, then don’t scrimp on the tequila or orange liqueur. The therapeutic effects are simply amazing.

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Slushy Bourbon Tea Recipe

August 23, 2011 | by Annie | beverages

Tea and bourbon … about as Southern as one can get!

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Orange Squash Cocktail Recipe

July 5, 2011 | by Lisa | beverages

I have not heard of orange squash before so I did a little research.  It appears to be a concentrated syrup diluted with water.   As far as I know, we do not have this in the U.S. so I used orange juice, tonic water and vodka to make an orange squash cocktail.

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Wisconsin Old Fashioned Recipe

February 19, 2011 | by Annie | beverages

This is a drink for the stout of heart!

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Whiskey Sour Recipe

October 14, 2010 | by Lisa | beverages

In My Name is Mary Sutter, they usually drank the whiskey straight, but sweetening it up a little makes it more enjoyable for me.

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Tej (Ethiopian Honey Wine) Recipe

October 3, 2010 | by Lisa | beverages

Tej is a wine made from fermented honey and a type of hops called gesho and is usually made in Ethiopia as a home brew. 

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Long Island Tea Recipe

September 2, 2010 | by Annie | beverages

Five different liquors come together to make a refreshing (and potent!) southern drink.

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Apple Cider Martini Recipe

August 31, 2010 | by Annie | beverages

This Apple Cider Martini is way too good for my own good!

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Classic Sangria Recipe

August 7, 2010 | by Annie | beverages

A large glass pitcher filled with sparkling Sangria is a call for celebration!

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