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Posts Published in ‘ african ’

Somali Spiced Tea (Shaah) Recipe

June 28, 2016 | by Lisa | beverages

Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks about the smells of home which includes tea laced with cardamom and cloves. This tea recipe is also spiced with cinnamon and black pepper.

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Anjero (Traditional Somali Pancake) Recipe

| by Lisa | sweets

I am not sure of the exact name of the traditional somali pancake as I have seen it spelled many ways: anjara, anjero and lahooh. In Infidel, it was called angello and rolled with butter and sugar. The original recipe makes 4 pancakes but I made them thinner by using less batter per pancake so I could roll them easier.

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Malawi Relish Greens (Ndiwo) Recipe

June 27, 2016 | by Lisa | vegetables, sides, bread

This relish which is usually made with leafy greens, tomatoes and onions. There are a variety of greens that can be used, including cassava leaves, sweet potato leaves, pumpkin leaves or cabbage. I chose to use kale for my dish.

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Maize Porridge (Nsima) Recipe

| by Lisa | vegetables, sides, bread

Nsima is a thick maize porridge and is the staple food of Malawi. It is used to scoop up ndiwo, which is a relish primarily made with leafy greens.

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Easy Pili-Pili Hot Sauce Recipe

May 27, 2016 | by Annie | dressings, gravies, sauces, spreads

Pili-pili sauce is a favorite hot and spicy African condiment. Pili-pili translates to pepper-pepper. The Easy Pili-Pili Hot Sauce Recipe is simple to prepare and requires no cooking. Serve pili-pili sauce with just about everything!

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Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe

| by Annie | salads

The refreshing and tasty Exotic Fruit Salad is popular in Central Africa. It is a blend of fruits, peanuts, and fresh mint, with an interesting addition of avocado. It is topped off with a tangy, lightly sweet dressing. This fruit salad can be transformed into a Brazilian Fruit Salad by omitting the dressing and drizzling sweetened condensed milk over the fruit.

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African-Inspired Peanut Butter Chicken Recipe

| by Annie | main dishes

In Central African cooking, groundnuts (peanuts) are often used in soups and stews. The peanuts are ground into peanut butter and incorporated into the sauce for flavor and thickening.

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Corn Fufu Recipe

| by Annie | vegetables, sides, bread

Fufu is a food staple in Central and Western Africa. Fufu is made with water and either corn flour, manioc (cassava) tubers or flour, yams, semolina, rice, potato flakes, or plantains. It is served with saucy main dishes, soups, and stews.

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