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Scottish Brose Pudding Recipe

May 27, 2016 | by Lisa | sweets

Brose is a Scots word for an uncooked form of porridge in which oatmeal (and/or other meals) is mixed with boiling water and allowed to stand for a short time. The recipe for Athole Brose, the cocktail form of brose, in “Traditional Scottish Recipes” by George L Thomson is flavored with whiskey and honey. To make this brose pudding, I pureed steel cut oats and mixed it with whipped cream, whiskey and honey. The texture is similar to tapioca, but the flavor is undeniably Scottish.

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Scottish Pitcaithly Bannocks Recipe

| by Lisa | sweets

The official definition of bannock is a round flat unsweetened cake made from oatmeal or barley and baked on a griddle. This recipe is made with candied lemon and orange peel. Bannocks is very similar to shortbread.

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S’mores Bars Recipe

| by Marilyn | sweets

A camp out and gooey S’mores go hand-in-hand, but since Texas (at the time of this post) is currently under an open fire ban due to drought conditions, traditional S’mores prepared at the camp fire were out for our recent camping trip. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the camp fire until we get some rain, but S’mores bars can be prepared ahead of time in your own kitchen for that yummy chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker taste.

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Fried Oreo Recipe

May 26, 2016 | by Lisa | sweets

Everything tastes better deep-fried! The Oreo is my favorite store-bought cookie and when I heard a model on American’s Next Model mention the “deep-fried Oreo” I had to give it a try. The Oreo is dipped in pancake batter then fried until golden. I actually found that is wasn’t necessary to deep-fry. Pan-fried worked just as well.

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Kathleen Grissom’s Molasses Cake Recipe

May 25, 2016 | by Lisa | sweets

Kathleen Grissom, author of The Kitchen House, developed this recipe with her daughter. The only change I made was to put in in a mini cake pan. The batter smelled so amazing the kids and I couldn’t resist eating it by the spoonfuls. I hurried and took the pictures as fast as I could because there were salivating mouths hanging over it, but, looking back a dollop of whipped cream on top would have been the topping on the cake.

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Chocolate Palacsinta Recipe

| by Lisa | sweets

A palacsinta is similar to a crepe and is delicious with a variety of fillings, commonly apricot jam and walnuts. A well known Hungarian version is the Gundel pancake a crepe with a filling made from rum, raisin, walnuts, and lemon zest, served with a chocolate sauce. You can set up a palacsinta bar so each person can add their favorite fillings and toppings.

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Gouryevskaya Kasha Recipe

May 23, 2016 | by Lisa | sweets

In Russia, kasha refers to any type of porridge and can be made from buckwheat, oats, wheat, rice, barley or millet. According to, the best known of Russian kasha is Guryevskaya (or gurevskaia) kasha, which is made with nuts and fruit.

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Peaches in Wine and Brandy Sauce Recipe

May 20, 2016 | by Annie | sweets

Fresh peaches stewed in wine and brandy syrup is a fabulous fresh-tasting dessert with a nice little kick. Use only the fresh, firm peaches when making this dessert.

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Easy Glazed Irish Whiskey Cake Recipe

May 18, 2016 | by Annie | sweets

This Easy Irish Whiskey Cake is very moist, great tasting and simple to prepare.

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Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce Recipe

| by Annie | sweets

Ooey and gooey and simply scrumptious, Sticky Toffee Pudding is a hit at any gathering.

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Almond Tuiles Cookie Recipe

May 15, 2016 | by Lisa | sweets

These thin crispy cookies look like the roof tiles that they are named after. To make the curved shape, cookies fresh from the oven are placed over a rolling pin and allowed to harden. The batter can be spread into a round shape directly on the cookie sheet, but I found using a round pan (from my son’s Easy Bake Oven) gave these treats a beautiful shape.

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Almond Sponge Cookie Recipe

| by Lisa | sweets

These light cookies have a delicious almond taste. The recipe calls for ground almonds and I find a coffee grinder works very well for this (I have a separate coffee grinder that I use when I cook). Although in The Elegance of the Hedgehog these cookies are finger shaped, I used my heart pan in honor of Valentine’s day.

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Dark Chocolate Florentine Recipe

| by Lisa | sweets

Florentines are a thin almond and candied fruit cookie with a chocolate coating on the bottom. These are nutty and chewy at the same time and remind me of a praline.

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Tahini Cookies Recipe

May 12, 2016 | by Annie | sweets

If you’ve never tried tahini cookies before, now is the time. Tahini is a paste of ground sesame seed similar in consistency to raw peanut butter. The tahini gives these cookies a rich, unique flavor. Try a few. I’ll be surprised if you aren’t hooked!

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Neapolitan Cake Recipe

May 10, 2016 | by Annie | sweets

Neapolitan Cake makes quite a pretty presentation with chocolate and strawberry layers topped with a creamy vanilla frosting. This recipe is a snap to make using dolled up chocolate and white cake mixes.

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