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Pizza Making Tips from Fralo’s Art of Pizza

We had our book club party for Juliet at Fralo’s Art of Pizza, an award-winning restaurant that serves pizza, salads and pasta in Leon Springs, Texas. I come here often with my family to sit outside, enjoy some live music and drink wine (for a $5 cork fee you can bring your own wine from home..gotta love that!)


Frank and Lori, the owners of Fralo’s, were kind enough to share some of their pizza making tips with us:

  • If you want thicker crust you can leave stretched dough to rise before topping it.
  • Make sure you dock the pizza dough by poking it with a fork every few inches or rolling a pizza docker before baking so that the center doesn’t rise into a pillow shape.
  • Never put frozen items on your pizza because they will release water when cooked, making the pizza soggy.
  • Put fewer toppings on the center of the pizza because cheese will melt to the center and the pizza will not cook as well.
  • Do not leave raw dough longer than 3 days – the yeast will die.
  • Before you cook your pizza, always make sure your dough is at room temp.

Below is a pictorial lesson on throwing pizza dough.

It starts with flattening the dough a little so you have a nice round disk. Then you toss it into the air.

Fralo's Art of Pizza

Catch it.

Fralo's Art of Pizza, Leon Springs, TX

Spin it.

Making Dough, Fralo's Art of Pizza, Leon Springs, TX

Then toss again.

Fralo's Art of Pizza, Leon Springs

Repeat until you get a nice round shape.

The finished product! Delicious!

Fralo's Art of Pizza

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